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Jake X Kotaro Concert 2014


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非常高興今次能夠帶兩位在音樂上極具才華及極具演奏感染力的Ukulele和Guitar演奏家 - Jake Shimabukuro 和 Kotaro Oshio在同一時空演奏。相信他們一同演出將帶大家進入更新鮮、更深入的音樂體驗。喜歡音樂的你一定要來參與!!

This year, UkeHK proudly presents the joint performance of two talents - Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and guitarist Kotaro Oshio – who will bring you breath-taking musical experience. Don’t hesitate to join us if you love music!!


兩場的演奏會Jake Shimabukuro和Kotaro Oshio也會有獨奏及合奏演出部份,而兩埸會有不同主題。

The two concerts both include the artist’s solo and duet performance but in two different themes.


30/9/2014 KOTARO X JAKE

8:15pm @ AC Hall

主題是6strings - Guitar, Kotaro將演奏他出色的Finger Style Guitar,Jake將會是客席嘉賓參與演出。

The theme is 6 strings – Guitar, Kotaro will perform his fascinating skill, Finger Style Guitar, while Jake will be his guest.

1/10/2014 JAKE X KOTARO

8:15pm @ AC Hall

主題是4strings – Ukulele,大家會欣賞到Jake不同凡響的ukulele solo演奏,而Kotaro將會是客席嘉賓和Jake一同演奏。


The theme is 4 strings – Ukulele, Jake is going to play his marvellous ukulele solo, Kotaro will be Jake’s guest and perform together.

Duet performances in two concerts are of different songs, giving audience enjoyment twice over.


極推介大家同時參與2埸演奏會機會難逢。而且 UkeHK Fans同時購買2埸演奏會門票,(2場演奏會不同票價也可以,即30/9 $480 + 1/10 $580 也可)將可免費獲得Jake’s Sound Test Party門票一張。

We highly recommend you to take part in both concerts! For UkeHK Fans, buying tickets of both concerts at one purchase will get you one free ticket of Jake’s Sound Test Party! (Buy different Price ticket in two concert is ok, i.e: buy 30/9 $480 + 1/10 $580 ticket, you will get 1 Sound Test Party Ticket)



日期 Date :1/10/2014 (5:00pm) - 演奏會當天 Date of the Concert

地點 Venue:大學會堂 AC Hall of BU - 演奏會場地 Venue of the Concert

Party會於Jake演奏會當天和Jake 一同預備當晚演奏會,試音、採排... 可近距離了解Jake 如何預備一整晚的演奏會。



The party is held before the concert, audience will have a chance to participate the preparation of Jake’s concert, including sound testing and rehearsal. This is a valuable opportunity of seeing how Jake prepares his night.

The artist will give sharing on his experience and skills, audience can definitely know more about him in this party. Jake is gonna play his famous song as well!

Seats are limited, don’t miss the party!


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Please leave your name, email and contact number, and specify your selected concert date(s) (30/9, 1/10) and ticket fee, in the email.

You will receive a payment notice after your email. Receipt will be sent to you once we confirm your payment. We will contact you to collect your ticket(s). 

座位安排 Seat Arrangement

UkeHK 預留了非常優質位置,請盡早訂購。

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UkeHK has preserved great seats, please make purchase now!

For VIP ticket $680, patrons can choose their seats right after payment.

For other tickets, seats will be arranged automatically.